PowerTools – Windows/VMware Powershell Module Docker Image

I’ve updated my Windows Docker image to include PowerNSX, PowervRA, and Vester. Why? just because. I’m sure there are folks out there who may want to run and explore with Docker for Windows and Windows containers. So why not use a container that you can apply to your daily tasks as a VMware admin?

You can check out my previous blogs on Docker and PowerCLI to understand how to get your environment setup.

The really cool thing about the Docker container is that you are guaranteed a clean consistent environment each time. And its quick! (Well after the initial download of the container).

Here is the list of available modules in my new Docker Image:

Here is how to pull the image from my repository on Docker Hub:

docker pull Microsoft/windowsservercore
docker pull jpsider/powertools

When you run the container you can execute the following command to import the listed modules into the active powershell session:


ImportedModulesHopefully you can find this image useful in your environment. And let me know if I missed any Community modules you would like or that I missed.

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