10, I give Belay Technologies a 10!

Blink, Blink. BOOM. It is amazing how fast time flies. This month I celebrate 10 years at Belay Technologies.  Words that come to mind when I hear Belay are Respect, Support, and Success.

In our industry this is a pretty long stretch, people are constantly changing companies whether it is due to contracts ending, money grabs, or just looking for new work. I’ve been lucky enough to be on a project that continues to interest me. I enjoy coming to work each day. I also work on a team filled with great people, both on a technical and personal level. We all work well together and enjoy the atmosphere in the office. A lot of these coworkers I also call friends. It’s always a great feeling to drive into work each day and think you are hanging out with friends vs. the feeling you hate the environment and just need to pound a keyboard for 8 hours. When you have a great group of folks it’s easy to ensure the project is successful.

The other nice piece about working for a small company is that you can help shape the company. I’d like to think that I have been a big contributor to how our company operates, how we treat and incentivize our employees, and to our overall success. I’m proud to wear our branded apparel each day. Our company is well respected in our industry for all of the great work that we do, and that’s important to me.

Belay has always supported me; they have listened to my concerns, and have always offered to help in any situation that may have popped up in my personal life. They also afford me the opportunities to spend loads of time with my family and participate in my hobbies. They also allow me to participate in technology communities, encourage my participation in open source projects, and volunteer at our children’s school.

As I look down at the young man in the picture on my original badge, I get to reflect on the past 10 years. The people I have interfaced with and all of the good things I have accomplished through my work. I’m proud of who I have become, the journey I have taken, and I am excited about the future.

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