‘Open-ConsoleWindow -Count 3’ … It’s that easy

I’ve added a new function to the ‘jpsider’ module. I always find myself opening multiple console windows using the mouse. Yeah, I said it, I use the mouse! Well, it is too many clicks, so now I have a function that can open the new consoles for me! This will work for ‘PowerShell.exe’ and ‘Pwsh.exe’. I will need to do some testing on linux and Mac, as the current function will not work. If anyone has a desire for that please open an issue on GitHub for me.

Here is how you use it:

Install-Module -Name "jpsider" 
Open-ConsoleWindow -Count 3 -Executable "PowerShell.exe"


Open-ConsoleWindow -Count 3 -Executable "pwsh.exe"

Here is what it looks like – Notice I make use of the ‘Update-ConsoleTitle’ Function too!



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