The beloved home lab project, it was a pipe dream for years. How could I justify buying new or used equipment to just play or tinker with. Finally, and I’m still not sure how, but I convinced my wife to invest in my desire to have some extra toys at the house. I think the biggest question I had to answer was: Why? Why do I need a home lab? To me the answer was simple, I can be more effective in my online communities and at work if I have a reasonable lab to tinker with at home. Spending 30 minutes or an hour each day proves to be extremely helpful in developing my skills.

At VMworld this year I participated in the #hackathon, I think that is where my interest really spiked in learning more about the Intel NUC’s. I remember them being a solid platform for a small, robust lab.

So thanks to a shopping list from William Lam and some licensing from the vExpert program, I marched forward!

In addition to the Shopping list linked above, I went ahead and purchased a Synology DS216+II. I wanted a storage device that can be on my network, and use CIFS and NFS. You can opt for a more feature rich option, but this one will suit my needs. I added two 3TB Western Digital Hard drives.IMG_3674.JPG

William Lam is correct when he says that everything goes together smoothly, I ran into ZERO problems with the Hardware configuration of my new Intel NUC components. Which is part of the reason I love this setup so much. Not to mention its more powerful and easy to use than my company provided lab.  When it all said an done, here is what my “rig” looks like now:IMG_3679.JPG

And, no the wife does not approve of my TV on my desk. 😛


Strangely I have never deployed ESX via a USB stick, so I relied on the community for that, These directions worked just fine for me Install ESXi 6 to USB via VMware Workstation

Now it was time for the rest of the deployment, with my requirements fairly simple, I wanted a lab with:

  • ESX
  • vCenter
  • VSAN
  • several Template vm’s (Windows and Linux)
  • NFS Storage
  • Licensed components
  • One liner Deployment
  • One liner Teardown/Destruction

Team “Alam” strikes again! PowerCLI Guru Alan Renouf and William Lam seemingly have a solution for anything automation when it comes to VMware.  I used the links above to download scripts that can be used to deploy ESX, vCenter, VSAN to the Intel NUC platform.

The only piece I really needed to add was my licenses, NFS storage and Template vm’s.  Additionally I updated the Destroy script to remove my vm’s and NFS storage. The scripts I use to deploy my new HomeLab test environment are located are located here on Github: HomeLab Scripts. I focused on trying to make the script more modular to meet my needs, and use common compoenents between the deployment and destruction stages.

I Highly recommend this setup for home labs. It is quick and easy to deploy, tear down and re-deploy. My current setup takes roughly 21 minutes to deploy.homelabTime.png

Whats next? Well now I have a solid platform to continue working on my companies open source projects and some of my own.

Thank you to Alan and William for your continuous contributions to the VMware community!

3 thoughts on “Start-Homelab

  1. Thanks for the write-up. I’m married and know about getting financial approval from the better half. About how much did this set you back? Just curious.


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