Write-Host “Hello World”

You probably saw the title of my first blog post coming, huh? Invoke-Automation is really about giving the power of automation to the system administrator. Generally I like to think of myself of a jack of all trades, master of none. This blog will showcase just how true that is! I will primarily focus on writing about Automation and virtualization projects, notes, summaries, etc. Why? Sometimes I read articles or blogs and I feel as though they are missing something, so I will update it from my point of view (create all the reference links), and hopefully it will help someone who may think like me, overcome a similar problem they are having.

Quite a bit of my day to day work involves Powershell, PowerCLI, and MySQL. It’s an interesting and POWERFUL combination for system administrators. As you can imagine most of my posts will be involving these technologies and the WAMP stack.  I’ll do my best to keep the blog posts short and on point. I’m really looking forward to have a place to explain how these tools work, how you use them, and how it can help you be more successful.

Feel free to comment or correct me! Check me out on GitHub, Twitter, or the VMTN forums, I’m also in quite a few of the popular slack channels.

Additionally my company Belay Technologies has a GitHub group with some pretty cool projects on going.

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